Adruta Children Home (A Unit of RAWA Academy) has been doing pioneering work in the field of rehabilitation of the children in need of care & protection since 1998 through institutional care & services.


Provide home, hope & conducive ambiance to the hapless children to grow into excellence and be a part of the mainstream society.


Become center of excellence in providing holistic nurture (physical, psychic & spiritual) to the children in deprivation & distress.

Every child is uniquely endowed. The optimal expression of the latent potentiality can be ensured through conducive nurture. Millions of children court neglect, deprivation and destitution. Let us join hands to make a difference to those who await our empathetic care and loving pat.

Prof. Dr. Aditya Kumar MohantyFounder Chairman

Core Concerns

What Children Say

I came to Adruta when I was just two years old. We were only eighteen sisters then. I got my second life. I like the spiritual atmosphere around. Besides getting good education I got the opportunity to learn Odissi dance under our expert Guru. Now, I am a recognized dancer. I want to be a social worker In future, I want to work for the welfare of the children who are poor and deprived.

Spandita Kumari

I came to Adruta when I was only a one and half year babe. I have become what I am by the grace of God and the care and love of my elders.


I was restored to Adruta by my mother when I was five years old. Such environment of study and discipline helped me to prove my merit.

Pranati Kuldeep

I came to Adruta when I was six years old. Besides pursing my academic career I got rare the opportunity to learn Hindustani vocal and Odissi dance under the guidance of expert teachers. By God’s grace I have proved my merit as singer. As a part of Adruta dance troupe I have performed indifferent classical dance festivals in India and foreign countries.


Your Impression Our Inspiration

My wife and I have been interested in dance for many years and have a great love for classical Indian dance. I don't think we have ever enjoyed a performance more than the Odissi Dance Performance last Saturday, held to support the marvelous work of the Adruta Children’s Home.

Prof. Leonard SusskindDirector of the Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics , USA

It was a wonderful experience – simply out of the world. With no sustainable source of income, such a big battle is being fought.

Mrs. Aparajita Sarangi (IAS)Director, Women and Child Development Department, Govt. of Odisha.

I do not know how to adequately express my wonder and appreciation of the way the abandoned children, including some newborn babies, are being brought up in an environment of love and care. I am truly impressed by their talents in Art, Music, Dance and Academic studies, in particular by the happiness that shines in their face… Adruta is a successful experiment in humanitarianism.

Padma Bhushan Dr. Jogesh PatiProf. of Physics, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford University

A great story of helping abandoned children to grow up to be responsible and honorable human-beings. A heart-warming contribution to the society. Their group of young ladies mesmerize the packed house at the Houston Odisha Culture Centre on the occasion of Car Festival (Rath Yatra) 2016.

Dr. Nik NikamHouston, Texas

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Adruta at a Glance

Adruta Children Home (A unit of RAWA Academy) has been doing pioneering work in the field of rehabilitation of the deserted, unclaimed, parentless and destitute children since 1998. Our objective is not only to ensure healthy upkeep of the children but to provide proper education for their psychic nurture.