Your time, skills, knowledge, and most importantly, your passion to bring about a positive change in the society is exactly why we would love to have you on board.

Leverage Grant/Project Sponsorships:

  • Sponsor a Child, Skill Building Workshop at Adruta Children Home.

Kind Donations:

Contribute to the Corpus:

Participation as a consumer:

  • Place bulk orders to purchase handmade products.
  • Recommend product’s sale at exhibitions and stalls.


  • Teach children Hindi/English/Computers.
  • Teach Arts & Crafts or Dramatics to the children.
  • Conduct workshops or vocational training on topics related to women empowerment, child welfare, or other relevant topics/skills you’d like to share.
  • Arrange Sponsorship for Fundraising Events.


for a period of 1-3 months, College students may apply for an internship relating to the following areas:

  • Research & Development
  • Surveys
  • Fundraising
  • Project reports
  • Teaching
  • Active involvement with our initiatives
An official certificate of appreciation shall be given after the successful completion of an internship. We’re looking for dedicated interns with a positive attitude on their sleeves.

If that’s you, mail your CV to adrutahome@rediffmail.com

An Appeal

Dear Sir/Madam,
Love and best wishes.

Behind the glow and glitter of ‘development’, there is an invisible India where millions of children languish in deprivation, under-nutrition, and malnutrition. The woes of the girl children, abandoned by parents, especially their unwed mothers are beyond description. Such children are delivered at the midnight prematurely and disposed of in garbage pits, forested spots, river beds, bus terminals, and railway stations before sunrise. When we at Adruta Children Home, get an SOS call from the healthcare facilities that a girl child is delivered and remains abandoned by the mother and her kinsmen (who get the child admitted with fake name and address) we rescue them highly traumatized, eyes fixed and the skull compressed. They are admitted to specialized hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and brought to Adruta Home after they became relatively stable.

Our experiences over the last two decades are pointers to the fact that every child is uniquely endowed. Given the conducive nurture and supportive ambiance, every child can be helped to tap his/her innate potentiality and earn a covetable place in society. Our bounden duty is like that of a gardener who facilitates the optimal growth of a seed or plant by providing a requisite environment and careful tending. Our efforts not only help such children to grow under the protective umbrella but prevent them from falling prey to unscrupulous people: the girls, falling into the trap of ruthless pimps and sex workers; the boys, joining the band of drug peddlers, pickpockets, underground extremists.

Adruta Children Home (A unit of RAWA Academy) came into existence to provide hope, habitat, and holistic nurture to such children in need of care and protection. It has been doing pioneering work in the field of rehabilitation of the deserted, unclaimed, parent-less, and destitute children since 1998. Our mission is not only to ensure the healthy upkeep of the children but to provide proper education for their psychic nurture. The congenial environment is provided so that the latent potentialities in them get unfolded, they grow into excellence, become the prized assets of the society, and join the mainstream. Presently, there are 450 children at eleven centers across the state which are duly recognized by the Women and Child Development Department, Government of Odisha, India. Over the last decade, the organization has developed the expertise to nurture infants. The inmates have access to the best educational institutions in the locality. During leisure hours they are trained in Fine art, Music, Dance, and Sports suiting to their aptitude and ability. Children have not only bright academic record but have their proven talent in national and international events. Adruta Dance Troupe has earned the rare accolades for its superb and immaculate presentation of Odissi in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the USA at Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Houston. The children are looked upon as exemplars of values by their fellow mates and teachers in their alma mater. Children get the best of available healthcare through a tie-up with hospitals, nursing homes, and individual doctors visit the homes at regular intervals.

On account of its outreach activities, the organization enjoys the provision of tax exemption under 80 (G), 12(A), and 10/23 of Income-tax Act and facilities under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) by Department of Home Affairs, Government of India. The organization received the “ Excellency Award” in 2006 in the field of Social Action and the “Think Odisha Leadership Award ” in 2015 as the lead organization in Social Work.

The organization runs solely by the support of the community through donations in cash and kind. Since donations from individuals and organizations have been sporadic and inadequate to address the ongoing needs and unexpected medical emergencies from time to time there is a big gap between earnings in form of donations in cash/kind and the expenses. As a result, despite its focused objectives and committed cadres at the grass-root, the organization encounters challenges and uncertainties.

Should your kind-self decide to be part of this momentous venture it would help us to enable the abandoned, destitute, and parentless children to grow into efficient citizens with qualities of head and heart. You can extend your helping hand in the form of donations on a monthly/yearly basis or onetime donation to the corpus fund, which we are sanguine, shall make the venture sustainable. Even small contributions would make a big difference to the children, every one of whom shall be able to live his/her eventful life ahead with success and dignity. The provisional break-up of the expenses on children of different age is as follows:

  • An abandoned babe till two years of age – 100 USD per month/1200 USD per annum (expenses on food, clothing, and health).
  • A child with normal health – 50 USD per month/600 USD per annum (expenses on food, clothing, education, and health).
  • Children after Class-VIII – 70USD per month/840USD per annum (Expenses on food, clothing, education, and health).
  • Children after Class-X – 100 USD per month/1200 USD per annum (expenses on food, clothing, education, and health).

Let us join hands in this humble Endeavor to work for those voiceless and choiceless children who await our loving nurture and protective pat. Your support would mean:

  • Long term sustainability of this venture.
  • Reaching out to the more such children in need of Care & Protection.
  • Growing into a model venture for sister organizations in the Field.

Let us join hands in this humble endeavor to work for those voiceless and choice-less children who await our loving nurture and protective pat.

Truly Yours
Members of Adruta Fraternity