Volunteers (Be part of Adruta Family)

Your time, skills, knowledge, and most importantly, your passion required  to bring a positive change in the society is exactly why we would love to have you on board.

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You can connect to Adruta group or to a specific centre of your interest.

Become an Associate

Why should you extend hand to Adruta family?

  • To be a coach/mentor of a child
  • To be a future employer of a child
  • To bridge operational expenses for food , clothing, medicine and etc (immediate need) of a centre/few children
  • To takes care of a children education from primary to higher education
  • Bridge infrastructural gaps e.g. hostels, classrooms, furniture, toilets, clean drinking water, boundary walls, wheelchair ramps, etc.
  • Helps in vocational training to have the future livelihood.
  • Organize workshops and assist children to have exposure to real world

We will prefer you to be associated with us . You can donate any amount one time or monthly basis.