Renaissance Universal

Renaissance literally means ‘re-awakening’. Renaissance movement inaugurated by Shri Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar in 1961 envisions a social order marked by renaissance in the physical, psychic and spiritual strata. In the 5th century B.C. there was renaissance across the globe in the spiritual stratum led by spiritual masters and messiahs. The European renaissance marked by the efflorescence of ‘reason’, discoveries and inventions followed by the era of Science and Technology was essentially renaissance in the psychic stratum.

Human existence is trifarfious i.e. physical-psycho-spiritual. Renaissance Universal aims at ushering in a society where individuals, by and large, are physically sound, psychically evolved and spiritually elevated. Renaissance espouses a dogma-free, exploitation-free society where people are imbued with the ideals of ‘live and let live’ extending the human love to the non-human existents i.e. flora and fauna and the inanimate creation. “Dogma no more no more” is the motto and ‘Moralists of the world unite’ is the clarion call to all those who have empathetic concern for the choiceless and voiceless millions, otherwise marginalized, deprived, suppressed or oppressed.  It affords a shared forum to intelligentsia from cross-sections of society to reflect upon the seminal issues confronting humans. Scholars of eminence having sound footage and expertise in their respective subjects are invited to share their ideas and considered views with the members of Renaissance Universal so that they get updated and sensitized about the problems and possible solutions such that it eventually affects the transition from knowledge to praxis, knowing to be. Besides academic deliberations, Renaissance Universal undertakes outreach service programs such as; Pustakadana (books for the poor and meritorious students), Bastradana (clothes for the unclad) and Chikitsadana (medicines for the poor patients) from time to time. Renaissance Universal (RU) Odisha holds regular meetings at Hotel Empires, Sahid Nagar, Bhubaneswar (on every second Saturday), Holiday Resort, Puri (last Sunday of the month), Hotel R.K.Regency, Dhenkanal (on third Sunday) and in Conference Hall of Nayagarh College, Nayagarh (Bimonthly on second Sunday).