Amidst India’s glowing success and growing prosperity, there is a hidden India in which a segment of children populace, court deprivation, neglect and destitution. This holocaust is waging a silent war against millions of choice-less and voiceless children, especially girl children, abandoned by parents. The perpetrators are poverty, under nutrition, malnutrition, negligence and gender discrimination.

Adruta Children Home (A unit of RAWA Academy) has been doing pioneering work in the field of rehabilitation of the abandoned, unclaimed, parentless and destitute children, especially girl children, in need of care and protection.

The objective is not only to ensure healthy upkeep of such children but provide proper education for their psychic nurture. Congenial environment is provided so that the latent potentialities in them get unfolded and they grow into excellence in order to become the prized assets of society and join the social mainstream. Presently, there are 450 children in ten different centres across the State i.e. Bhubaneswar, Rayagada, Bolangir, Sundergarh, Keonjhar, Baripada, Angul, Dhenkanal, Puri and Cuttack. Children Homes are located at district Headquarters so that children have access to the best of the available facilities in education and healthcare. Children join Adruta Home as young as newborns or one day old or in their early infancy and stay until they are at least 22 years of age, emotionally and academically fit to begin their life. The Homes are duly recognized by Department of Women and Child Welfare under Juvenile Justice Act, Government of Odisha.

Adruta Home for Holistic Living (AHHL)

In consonance with Bye-law of the organization Clause (xiv) the organization runs free/cheap hostels under the above title (Adruta home for holistic living) along with the CCIs in different chapters. The purpose of the mission behind AHHL is to provide conducive ambience to those children/budding talents who are otherwise deprived of facilities to cultivate their talent due to economic backwardness of their parents or otherwise, lack of proper educational facilities around their native habitat, lack of healthy socialization and exposure but do not come under the guidelines of Juvenile Justice Act to be either restored in the CCIs or SAA or under foster care. The objective is to help them grow into excellence through optimal expression of their innate potentiality on account of holistic nurture provided by the organization.

Such children are to be admitted to AHHL after due diligence strictly on the basis of their talent, economic condition, social background and possibility of their contribution to the upliftment of their family and society, at large. The children admitted to AHHL irrespective of their age at the time of entry shall live in the home until they achieve a secured foothold or attainment of 22 years whichever is earlier. Parents, who are capable of supporting the children but have no available facilities around are to pay nominally for the upkeep and education of their children as inmates of the cheap hostel irrespective of whether a child is resident of free or cheap hostel equal facilities shall be provided to one and all and the organization shall undertake all out effort to ensure their holistic nurture and maximal growth. The functioning of the AHHL shall be monitored by Assistant Superintendent supported by the requisite supporting staff (workers).

Our Objectives


To provide requisite nutrition and a suitable habitat to grow.

To provide holistic education for all round development of a child.

To explore the unique dispositions and abilities in the children through special training in Art, Music, Dance, Sports etc.